Top Luxurious Electric Cars in 2021

Top Luxurious Electric Cars in 2021

You’d be forgiven for thinking that electric cars and luxury mixes like water and oil, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth in 2021. These cars are here to stay and take their share of the luxury market that all started with Tesla. However, such luxury vehicles can get expensive, that’s why you can apply for finance to make them much more affordable.

In Singapore, the government has set an audacious goal of eliminating petrol vehicles by 2030. In order to help with the transition, a number of policies are gradually implemented such as providing rebates for early adoption, a revision of road taxes for qualifying vehicles and building more charging points to meet the foreseeable surge in demand for electric vehicles. Hence, seizing on the opportunity and planning ahead could potentially help you get a head start on your journey with “green” vehicles.

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